I am spending the summer writing and researching some new cases in the autumn, plus a closer look at the new case review of Sophie Toscan du Plantier…
An invitation to discuss the future of Crime Guy. Are there other crimes that interest you?
Crime Guy can at last report a significant new development in the violent death of Sophie in West Cork, Ireland. Will the case finally be unlocked?

June 2022

Why is amateur sleuthing a mug's game in the UK? It is time for change.
The headline is the only fact you can take from recent media reports about John Cannan. Their relentless connection of Cannan to the missing estate…

May 2022

When is it okay to leave a child unattended? This surprisingly simple question has some complex answers that change with the decades.
BBC Crimewatch from August 1984, five months after Christopher Laverack disappeared from his half-sister's home in Hull.
I finally turn to a more detailed investigation of the 1984 murder of 9 year-old Christopher Laverack.

April 2022

I got distracted from my Sophie research by Death on the Beach, a brilliant Sky Crime documentary about a series of suspicious deaths on the island of…
We've had lots of new joiners recently, and Easter is always a good time for a round-up!
I return to a topic that worries all true crime fans.

March 2022

Why do some people (and many tabloid newspapers) continue to link Claudia Lawrence and Christopher Halliwell? The police have repeatedly stated that…